Yellowstone Recovery Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient Treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction is an important aspect for anyone new or early in recovery. At Yellowstone Recovery our has 3 levels of outpatient care. Offering 3 levels of care allows us to transition clients from the highest level to the lowest level as they progress in sobriety and need less support from our clinical staff.

Standard Outpatient Treatment – Level 1

This is our lowest level of outpatient treatment where clients will meet 3 nights each week for one hour. Each client will also need to attend an individual counseling session with their case manager every other week.

This level of care best serves clients who have completed both residential treatment and Level 2 or 3 of outpatient treatment.

Outpatient Treatment – Level 2

At this level of care clients will again meet 3 nights per week but now for 3 hours each evening. They will also continue to meet with their case manager every other week for an individual session.

This level of outpatient treatment serves as a transitional phase. Clients can either step down to level 2 if they are progressing well in Intensive outpatient or clients can step up to level 2 if they need more support than is offered in standard outpatient treatment.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment – Level 3

Level 3 of our outpatient treatment program serves as either a first step for clients looking for treatment or as a next step for clients who have completed residential treatment. At this level of care clients will have group sessions 5 nights per week for 3 hours each night. Individual sessions will now be weekly for the added insight a case manager can provide. Clients can step down from level 3 to either level 1 or 2 depending on their progress, needs and the evaluation of our clinical staff.

All Levels of Outpatient Treatment

All three levels of outpatient treatment will require clients to randomly test up to 2 times per week to help keep them accountable. If clients are unable to maintain sobriety at a lower level of care clinical staff can suggest that the client step up to a higher level of care (including residential treatment in extreme cases).

Clients are also expected to participate in a 12-step program of recovery to supplement what they learn while in outpatient treatment. Each client will need to find a sponsor and show they are working on step work. Each level of care requires clients to attend at least 4 12-step meetings per week. The 12-step requirements are in place to help clients build a sober support network outside of treatment.

If you are wondering where to start or where to go after completing residential treatment then the answer is simple and outpatient treatment program.

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Outpatient Treatment for Drugs and Alcohol at Yellowstone Recovery in Orange County, CA.